Colleen Brandon brings 25+ years of global agency CFO experience to MRC, which is invaluable for ensuring clients and team members alike get maximum ROI. A sound financial footing is essential to our approach, and Colleen helps us keep our overhead to a razor-thin minimum to properly compensate the best and brightest talent while providing exceptional client service costing far below larger agency rates.

Only well-run businesses are sustainable, and Colleen ensures we make a fair profit on our work. This allows us to do things like invest in staff training and attend conferences and meetings to continuously develop relationships with key opinion leaders and media.

Colleen has deep experience helping start-up agencies scale, having led M&A for agencies like Access Communications (formerly a division of Hi-Tech Communications, a private firm acquired by Shandwick, then merged into Golin Harris) with Ketchum.

Colleen truly believes in the environmental challenges of the world we live in and is passionate about sustainability in all parts of our life, from farming to energy production. Colleen fully supports the efforts MRC can provide as a partner for success in saving planet Earth. She lives in Mill Valley, home of MRC.