RP Kumar—Research, Insights and Strategist for Brand Growth

Rajesh P (RP) Kumar has spent 32 years in just about every marketing discipline: Advertising, DM, CRM, PR, Big Data and Digital Transformation, at some of the biggest agencies on the planet including  JWT, Lowe, Ketchum, Draft|FCB, Javelin, and RAPP.

The common thread in RP's career has been a deep passion for doing the right thing—for clients, for team members, for the craft of Strategic Planning, for the industry ... and for the Earth we live on. 

RP has been deeply involved with the foods and beverages category throughout his career, with experience on food products from Unilever, Nestle, Kraft, Frito-Lay, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, the National Mango Board, and many more.


In the process, RP has learned that humans are the single most impactful living beings on the planet. Of course industry- and even nation-level changes are of primary importance to ensure the continuation of all species on Earth. However, we must recognize that any industry's strategies are merely responses to consumption demand; thus, it is only through individual behaviour change, at a mass level, that we can affect massive reduction in environmental degradation. That is why smart, insightful, behaviour-changing communication strategies are essential—exactly the kind of work that gets RP excited!

RP lives in (extremely energy-efficient) Midtown Manhattan with his wife, a Senior Strategy professional in the foods category, and an old white cat, appropriately called Jelly (her brother Mint passed away last year). Their son lives in (seriously environmentally conscious) Oakland, CA.