Mike Durand—Brand Building & Issues Management

Ebola. Affordable Housing. Wildlife Conservation. Green Infrastructure. Equal Pay. Worker Well-being. Mike has built his career around helping clients fight the good fights.

Mike is an expert strategist, writer, and coach with a rich mix of corporate and nonprofit experience. Throughout his career, he has guided many well-known brands through defining moments.

At Levi Strauss & Co., Mike helped establish the company as a pioneer in corporate social responsibility. Working closely with the CEO, he developed storylines that advocated for safe and fair working conditions, AIDS education, and environmental protections. Those viewpoints inspired business partners and government agencies (worldwide) to follow the company’s lead.

At Microsoft, Mike helped define the company’s Trustworthy Computing initiative in response to ongoing security threats that loomed over 90% of the world’s computers. By delivering easy-to-follow guidance on malware and privacy concerns, he and his teammates strengthened Microsoft’s credibility as a provider of safe, secure software.

Mike has worked extensively with philanthropies too. For The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he introduced new drug development procedures for pharma and government grantees. For The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, he mobilized grassroots and political support for #TackleEbola, a campaign to stop the spread of Ebola in West Africa. For The Russell Family Foundation, he led all mission-related communications with an emphasis on community engagement and impact investing.

Mike has a knack for building brand-friendly behavior. He loves collaborating on ideas that inspire others to make a purchase, support a cause, or cast a vote.