Nienke Ruinard—Visual Designer

With over 25 years of international experience in communications, brand management and visual design strategy, Nienke has used her creative, design-thinking approach to problem solving, integrating visual and verbal communication combined with user empathy to bridge gaps, generate ideas and create integrated business solutions. Focusing on a collaborative, team approach, Nienke is a facilitator with a high attention to detail, great ability to connect people and drive results while deepening relationships. 

Nienke has worked as an international brand manager with global brands including Nike and Reebok International, as well as the strategic, PR and creative side of brands like Levi’s, Unilever and London Fashion Week, whilst living in London and working in the European media industry. With all clients, large and small, Nienke has offered above and beyond the brief, as her skills and experience are both business and creative, utilizing her international business and creative experience with organizations of all sizes and stages of development. 

Having lived, studied, worked and traveled around the world, Nienke has a strong cultural awareness—their differences and commonalities—passionate about finding ways to remove unnecessary barriers while identifying visual and verbal ways to connect people.

As a competitive athlete most of her life, Nienke draws on the focus, determination, and teamwork necessary to work towards identifying and achieving goals, she often reminds those she works with, as well as the two daughters she has proudly raised, “There are no problems, only solutions….it’s important we work together to realize them!”